Introduction to Acting (module 4). ECIB Master 3D Animation. May 2018

1. Acting. From sleep to surprised and ashamed.
2. Animation take. From happiness to disgust. 
3. Animation take. From confidence to surprised
4. Facial Expressions.
Body Mechanics and Pantomime (module 3). ECIB Master 3D Animation. March 2018
1. Thief. Body mechanics and pantomime. 
2. Hand animation. 
3. Hand poses. Expressing emotions.
Introduction to Body Mechanics (module 2). ECIB Master 3D Animation. January 2018
1. Run Cycles. Neutral and with personality.
2. Change of weight.
3. Idle poses.
4. Walk Cycle with personality.
5. Poses. Combat, physical strength and exhaustion.

Basic Foundations (module 1). ECIB Master 3D Animation. November 2017

1.  Walk cycle (neutral)
2. Squirrel acting.
3. Tails. Overlapping and Follow through.
4. Bouncing balls. Different weights and interaction with each other.
5. Bouncing ball.
6. Poses.
Acting animation exercise (from audio). ECIB 3D Animation. May 2017

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